Peter Saddington, a 35-year-old who suddenly became the center of public attention for buying Lamborghini in cash. Peter came to a famous luxury car dealership in Atlanta, United States and Judi Poker Online easily bought a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan car using Bitcoin.

Peter is known to serve as CTO at the VinWiki automotive start-up company as well as YouTuber is giving 45 pieces of bitcoin to pay Lamborghini for US $ 200 thousand or about Rp 2.7 billion.

Beginning in 2011, Peter is already interested in investing in Bitcoin for an article. The article came from Ars Technica on Bitcoin which lost 90% of its value from US $ 30 to US $ 2.52 (Rp 13 thousands).

bitcoin indo

Knowing that did not dampen his passion for technology, Peter immediately did research on Bitcoin investments. Once convinced, Peter bought Bitcoin gradually over five years as one of his investments. He did not reveal how many pieces of Bitcoin he has today but the number could be more than a thousand. Unexpectedly, the value of Bitcoin currently jumped many times over.

I’m a long-time bitcoin holder and have been trying to keep it as good as I can since 2011, “said a graduate of Computer Science from Florida State who was quoted by Judi Online Terpercaya.

His experience of buying Lamborghini was first using Bitcoin Peter shared on YouTube. The more than six-minute video uploaded to YouTube has been watched over 1.5 million times and gets 2,900 comments to date.


Create New Rule, South Korea Will Not Disallow Virtual Currency

bitcoin in korean

The South Korean regulator plans to overcome the speculation of cryptocurrency that left investors scared earlier this month. However, as new regulations come into effect on Tuesday (30/1/2018), investors in the market are giving a positive signal.

The South Korean Financial Services Commission on Tuesday confirmed to Texas Pokercc that the new policy outlined by the South Korean Financial Services Commission earlier this month had been carried out, but a spokesman said in an email that it was too early to discuss the impact regulations.

In a document published on Tuesday (23/1/2018), the regulator said it would only allow cryptocurrency trading from bank accounts in the original name that came into effect Tuesday (30/1/2018).

“The rules allow banks to comply with their KYC AML (know your customer, anti-money laundering or know your customer, anti-money laundering) obligations,” the document wrote.

The steps outlined are intended to “reduce the space for cryptocurrency transactions that can be exploited for illegal activities, such as crime, money laundering and tax evasion,” the FSC added in the document.

The market seems relatively optimistic following the enactment of the new regulation. A representative of the Korean cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, Bithumb, which started its original recognition service in cryptocurrency trading this morning, said the operation had “gone well” on Tuesday (30/1/2018).

“Nothing has changed in terms of coin transactions,” he added.

bitcoin rules in korean

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency investors say the move taken by South Korea is positive in the long run.

“I think this is the beginning of a crackdown on tarkait with anonymity and an illegal purpose use case that some cryptocurrency may have there,” Julian Hosp, founder and president of start-up TenX cryptocurrency, told Agen Judi Poker Online “The Rundown.”

“If, after that, investors and companies have more legal security working in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but will experience some short-term losses, but in the long run, this will really have a positive impact,” Hosp said.

The implementation of the news regulation came after a mixed message about the regulations of South Korean officials in various ministries that were ‘frightened’ by the rampant cryptocurrency market earlier this month.

BI Is Prohibited Bitcoin, But Its Maker Still Operates

bitcoin indo

The move by Bank Indonesia Judi Poker Terpercaya to prohibit all activities related to bitcoin is considered inadequate.

Chairman of the Indonesian Legal Observers Association (HPHSI) Galang Prayogo asked, Bank Indonesia should take concrete steps to crack down on the bitcoin providers.

“Now they are banning, but what about the fate of investors who have invested in Bitcoin? The government still gives permission to PT Bitcoin Indonesia,” Galang said when confirmed by reporters in Jakarta on Monday (15/1/2018).

According to him, BI could set a special sanction for Bitcoin organizers so that no society would be a ‘victim’ of the krypto money considered as a very risky investment.

“Meanwhile, PT Bitcoin is still operating in Indonesia, which the government should be able to prevent it from letting them sell bitcoin in Indonesia whose users have been abundant,” said Galang.

“It means that the role of the government can be drawn to the conclusion of not protecting the community because the government only says the risk is borne alone,” he added.

Previously, Bank Indonesia issued a press release that Indonesia did not recognize Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Based on BI’s assessment, the value of virtual currency trading is so volatile that it is vulnerable to risk bubbles (Bubble) and prone to be used as a means of money laundering and financing of terrorism, so that it can affect the stability of the financial system and harm the public.

“So, Bank Indonesia warns all parties not to sell, buy or trade virtual currency,” said Agen Poker Online Agusman.

In addition, BI also prohibits all payment system providers and financial technology providers in Indonesia to process payment transactions using virtual exchange tools such as bitcoin. That is, bitcoin will no longer be used.

The organizers of payment systems called BI include switching and clearing banks, even electronic wallet organizers and funds transfers.

Buy Bitcoin at Age 12 Years, Teen’s Success So Billionaire

Erik Finman

Teenagers from the United States, Erik Finman made a bet with his parents. The bet was: if he managed to become a billionaire at the age of 18 years, the parents do not have to force him to go to college.

Although it sounds silly, those bets turned out to be true. At age is still 18 years old, Erik now able to earn billions.

From where he could do that?

It all started when Erik decided to buy bitcoin at the age of 12 years. In 2011, he received a prize money of US $ 1,000 from his grandmother. Rather than spending for toys, Erik decided to spend the money to buy Bitcoin.

At the same time, Erik also feel very frustrated with school. He even ventured to ask out of the school to his parents and promised to find the money themselves.

“The days of me during high school is not fun. I’m surrounded by teachers who are negative. One teacher even told me to get out of school and work at McDonald’s because he saw my ability only up there,” said Erik launch CNBC on Monday (26 / 6/2017)

“Well, at least she was telling me to get out of school,” he continued.

Unexpectedly, both parents agreed with the idea of ​​Erik. The boy is then racked his brain to be able to earn their own. He eventually sold his bitcoin who was then valued at US $ 1,200 per piece.

With the money he possessed, he then launched based education company online called Botangle. Unfortunately, the young age Erik much ostracized when trying to offer the technology in Silicon Valey homemade.

“I met with executives at the company Uber Judi Poker Online. However it is difficult for them to respond to the serious business people aged 15 years. I even kicked out and told to go back to my parents,” he concluded.

Armed with unyielding spirit, artificial technology was to find a buyer in 2015. Investors are offered Erik to choose paid using money or bitcoin. From there, he chose to take bitcoin despite having a smaller value.

“My parents asked me why I did not choose to use the money paid at the time. But I believe it can be useful bitcoin as an investment,” said Erik to Texas Pokercc.

The prediction was not missed. Thanks to the bitcoin he had, now he can rake in large amounts of wealth. Erik even busy organizing bitcoin family investment business.

At other times, one teenager is also working on several prestigious projects together with NASA to develop a rocket. Thanks to his achievements, he managed to get on the list of world’s most influential teen version of the Times .

Total bitcoin that Erik had now reached 403 units with a valuation of US $ 1.09 million or equivalent to Rp 14.5 billion.

Bitcoin Site Founder Sold All His Bitcoins, Why?

Bitcoin drop

Although the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate has skyrocketed throughout the year, there are activists who have recently been skeptical of the future of the cryptocurrency.

Emil Oldenburg, co-founder and CTO site said that bitcoin investment is currently one form of investment with a very high level of risk, and even tend to extremes.

“I’ve sold all my Bitcoin and replaced it with Bitcoin cash,” he said during an interview with Swedish media Breakit, like forbiddenblackrose quotes from Futurism, Tuesday (19/12/2017).

Although he did not say exactly how much money he earned, but Emil believes that the amount is very large. “All my salary in the last three years is paid in the form of Bitcoin,” he said.

However, for him it is time to switch to Bitcoin cash. Of the many reasons it has, one of the most important is the market liquidity of Bitcoin.

It is based on the limited number of transactions per second that can be done through a bitcoin network. As a result, the cost and time of the transaction will increase so that new investors will meet the market to pursue profits quickly.

Then Emil also admitted that bitcoin tissue, which he says is run by the ‘bitcoin’ taliban taliban, needs a massive overhaul.

Emil Oldenburg

“They want it like this, they see bitcoin as digital gold, not as a real-use item,” he said.

“As long as the network is still run by these people, Bitcoin will not be a ‘currency’ that can be used for everyday needs.The solution is in Bitcoin cash, where I see the future,” he added.

In addition, Emil said that there are still many people who do not understand the risks to Bitcoin ownership because they only buy it continuously without selling or exchange it.

“When they realize the truth, they will start selling it,” said Emil.

Make Cepet Kaya! Here’s 5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin

Make Cepet Kaya! Here's 5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin

Make Cepet Kaya! Here’s 5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin – Now trending in terms of payment with Bitcoin. Who would have thought if a virtual currency like Bitcoin that is currently soaring in value could be generated only by mobile phone? Many apps on the PlayStore claim to pay you with Bitcoin, but most are just hoaxes or hoaxes.

Relax, there are still applications that will pay you with Bitcoin and this is really paid alias no hoax. The following applications are very reliable, so you should try them. Curious? Here are 5 ways to get free bitcoins from bitcoin-generating applications that will pay you.

5 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin

1. Bitclaim
Bitclaim is the most popular application that you can download for free alias free. In this app, you can claim satoshi every 30 minutes. Satoshi itself is the smallest unit in Bitcoin. The interface design on this app is a bit disappointing, but still the application will pay you with Bitcoin if it has exceeded the specified limit.

2. BTC Safari

BTC Safari is a great way to get free bitcoin from bitcoin producer app for Android which will pay you every 15 minutes and allow you to get 400 satoshi once claim. This app is easy to use and does not have many features. Although it looks ordinary, this application is very reliable. To register for this app is also quite easy, it takes only the email address and the Bitcoin Wallet address.

3. Bitcoin Farm

Bitcoin Farm is a free app that will give you Bitcoin every 30 minutes. With this app, you only have to wait 30 minutes to claim Bitcoin next. You can also get extra satoshi every half hour by watching the video provided. The design of this application is also good and very simple. The minimum amount of satoshi needed to be melted down to Bitcoin Wallet is only 20,000.

4. Bitmaker

Among the 3 applications above, Bitmaker may be the way to get the most popular and trusted free bitcoins. This bitcoin-generating application will give you Bitcoin every 30 minutes. Bitmaker also has a nice interface design combined with additional features in it. In addition, Bitmaker also provides a scoreboard to compare your earnings with your friends. If you want a free satoshi bonus when you first log in, use ZCS7AS code.

5. CashPirate

Basically, CashPirate is not a Bitcoin-generating application. However, in this app you can choose Bitcoin as your payment. Cashpirate is claimed to be the fastest and easiest application to get Bitcoin. To get Bitcoin you only need to complete the tasks provided such as downloading applications, answer surveys, watch videos, to register for certain offers.

That’s 5 ways to get free bitcoin from bitcoin-producing app on Android. The above applications are guaranteed to pay you with Bitcoin. One thing for sure, it takes extra patience so you can collect 1 Bitcoin and then exchange it into money. May be useful!